A better mortgage.
For you and the environment.

By offering more affordable mortgages, we want to create financial incentives for households to invest in energy efficiency and renewables. Our mission is to help our customers towards a more sustainable lifestyle and save money.

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We help you convert your property.

We provide green mortgages to households in energy efficient properties and to households that want to invest in the green transition. We will guide you through what measures you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and make your property eligible for Hemma’s green mortgage.


Switch mortgage provider.
Without switching your bank.

Test your property

Test if your property meets Hemma’s green eligibility criteria and see how much money you can save by switching to Hemma.


Fill in the application and sign with BankID to receive an offer. Don’t worry, you don't commit to anything. If there are measures you need to take to meet Hemma's green eligibility criteria, we will help you find the right supplier.


Accept the offer. The loan is paid out as soon any measures are taken (if needed). We facilitate the remortgaging process. And you don’t have to do anything.

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We want to lead the green transition of private properties.

We want to drive the green transition by helping households to become more sustainable. Most of the buildings we will be living in by 2050 are already built. Therefore, it is important that the green conversion of older properties is accelerated in order for us to meet our climate targets. At present, there is no green mortgage that drives green conversion. We want to change that. Through our green mortgage, we want to ensure that there are clear economic incentives for households to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy.Life is full of tough decisions and sometimes it can be difficult to know which choices are best. This applies not least to the climate challenge and what you as a consumer can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Founder and CEO of Hemma
Therese Ruth

Live sustainably.
Save money.

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