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We provide solutions enabling the best customer journeys for home energy transition, and the data collection and insights needed for disclosure and unlocking customer value.

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our energy demand need to be reduced

Buildings are responsible for 40% of our energy usage

In the EU, buildings are responsible for ~40% of the energy usage. To reach the goals of the Paris Agreement, our energy demand need to be reduced. Most private homes can decrease energy usage by 30% by investing in only one or two energy improvement activities. By doing so, 11 TWh of electricity can be saved in Sweden. That is enough to run all our passenger cars.

digital customer journeys

Help your customers reduce energy demand

Our ready-to-go customer journeys help your customers analyse their property to identify what home improvement activities are relevant for them, and how much they can save. Both in terms of energy and money.


Reduce barriers for energy transition

Connect your customers with best in class partners to help them execute home improvement projects and provide competitive financing solutions.

data and reporting

Leverage data to unlock business value

Hemma delivers bottom-up data on properties to facilitate disclosure and increase consumer loyalty. This includes calculation of the Primary Energy Demand (EPC label) based on actual meter data. In addition, Hemma stores data on any new installations made on the property and the consequent improvement of energy efficiency.

In short - Hemmas solution can be used for taxonomy disclosure of properties that lack a registered EPC label, to determine whether a property belongs to the top or bottom 15% of a population and much more.

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